Our Approach

From Vehicle Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems to Power Management Applications Engineering

Incorporated in 1995, Global Embedded Technologies initially provided automotive vehicle electrical engineering and embedded systems software development services to manufacturers and suppliers in the areas of electronic modules, test systems, and software tools. For the better part of the last decade, Global ET has evolved into a power management engineering firm with a great reputation for innovative products and solutions in the area of power control and power management electrical engineering. Global ET competes with larger companies, yet offers the agility of a small company to quickly adapt and apply products and technology for solutions that perfectly address the challenges and requirements of our customers. Global ET brings with it years of experience in multiple areas of automotive and power management engineering, including:

  • Program Development (Tasks / Timelines / Budgets)
  • Initial Evaluation of Target Application
  • System / Subsystem Specification
  • Design & Development
  • Integration & Implementation
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Iterative Improvements Based on Data
  • Detailed Technical Documentation
  • On-going Support

Our Story

Global ET is a Power Management Systems Electrical Engineering firm

GlobalET's mission is to provide robust and configurable products with a focus on superior quality and impeccable service to our clients. Our electronic modules and embedded systems are designed to reliably manage, control, and integrate power & energy devices and electrical loads, especially in contained power systems where intelligent use of available power is critical.

Meet the Founders

Mark Stanczak, Co-Founder “Thank you for considering Global ET. By applying Global ET products and solutions, our customers will save time and money and will increase functionality in both their development process and their end product or system. A great reputation through proven results and customer satisfaction are essential for our continued success.”

Dave Backus, Co-Founder “Global ET is the leader in providing innovative power management electrical engineering solutions to meet fast changing industries who rely on mobile electrical power. At Global ET, we strive for customer satisfaction.”

Quality Policy

Global ET‘s goal is to achieve operational excellence in all aspects of procurement, manufacturing, supply, and customer order fulfillment. We do this through the use of new technologies, a dedicated and talented workforce, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Global ET's Terms & Conditions

View Global ET's Terms & Conditions, as referenced by Purchase Orders and Subcontracts, here rather than saving them to disk. New versions with updated terms and conditions may be uploaded periodically.